Don S. Shoemaker "Sloucher" Rosewood & Leather Sling Chairs for Señal Furniture-ABT Modern

Don S. Shoemaker "Sloucher" Rosewood & Leather Sling Chairs for Señal Furniture

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Don S. Shoemaker "Sloucher" Rosewood & Leather Sling Chairs for Señal Furniture

Classic Don Shoemaker Sloucher lounge chairs, in solid rosewood, and black leather. Iconic example of Organic, Mexican Mid-Century Modern design. ABSOLUTELY wonderful condition, clean and ready to use, retains original label. These “Sloucher” designs show a beautiful wood grain throughout the structures while the leather shows natural distress from age and use.


Width- 23.5”
Depth- 28"
Height- 27"
Seat height- 16.5”

Re-upholstery Option

If you would like to have the seats re-upholstered, please message us prior to check out to discuss your options.

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